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Power in Perserverence

Maruyama Koretoshi Sensei, Founder of Aikido Yuishinkai From Method to Mastery One of the wonderful things about learning Aikido is that it takes you step by step into a world that is beyond steps. Training takes you from the world of technique to the realm of art, from method to mastery. My teacher Maruyama Koretoshi, founder of the Aikido Yuishinkai, is a Master of this process, and has captured its essence in a way that rewards perseverance and practice. Anyone, regardless of age or experience, can reach a level of mastery if they persist on the path. Genius and talent may give you a...

Fibonacci Numbers Put Power in Your Ritual

Can Fibonacci Numbers put power into your physical training ritual? From my experience, the answer is a resounding YES! In case you missed The DaVinci Code, you can click here to learn more about Fibonacci numbers and their fascinating recurrence in masterpieces of art and nature. The sequence begins with 0 and 1, and continues indefinitely by adding the last two numbers to get the next. 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233,377,610,987…and it continues to grow exponentially from there. The simplicity of the formula is remarkable when you see how it occurs over and over again in...

Off Your Seat and On to Your Feet

How much of your life do you spend sitting, lying down, or eating, without exercising or using your legs? Unless you are planning to spend a lot more time that way, think twice about the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. Have you considered the now well established connection between positive attitude and health? Negative thinking can spoil your relationships, ruin your health, and shorten your life. Some people have learned how to connect the two, using your legs in walking or running, and improving your attitude. Two birds, one stone. Read more about it in my syndicated article,...

Taiko Tap at Toho Gakuen

Taiko Tap at Toho Gakuen As a Nanba Instructor, I teach Tap Dance at Toho Gakuen College of Music. This school is also the center for Nanba training in Japan, and a number of teachers in the Physical Education Department specialize in applying Nanba to specific courses, such as dance, martial arts, and sports, and because it is a music college, we also help students apply Nanba movement to improving their finesse and performance skills as musicians. Getting ready to attend the Japan EXPO in Paris in July, I am working on finding Tap rhythms that work with Japanese music. Part of my...

Stage Fright is in Your Favor

This is a 3’45” video clip from my  Nanba Tap Class at Toho Gakuen, where I teach Tap Dance to classical music students. I am speaking to the students, but here is a summary in English of what I said in Japanese. Do you ever get nervous before a performance? I think most of us have experienced stage fright, when we have to perform in front of people under pressure. We feel like our nervousness is not only obvious to everyone watching, but that it might seriously spoil our performance. We tend to believe that being nervous will prevent us from doing our best, and might even...

Nanba Chaplin Step Makes Roadrunners

In mid-May, I took a group of Waseda University students who are members of my Shunsoukai (瞬想会, Quantum Leap) Group, (my Physical Finesse Dojo, and we did a Nanba Run around the Nippon Budokan. This shows a warm up exercise we do to lighten our step before a Nanba Run. If upper and lower body are not coordinated you cannot move this fast. It also keeps you floating like a butterfly, and makes you a faster runner. After an incredibly enjoyable warm up session, we made our 5 km run in about 40 minutes. Though none of the students were experienced runners, the group managed the Nanba...

Find Freedom in Finesse

Find freedom in finesse How good it feels to move. Movement frees us from stress, and we seek freedom in music and physical motion. We love to watch animals in the wild, and pets please us with their constant movement and antics. Walk and run, revel in rhythm, sport, and dance. Free as a bird. Movement is both a measure of freedom and a celebration of discipline. But can you relate? For many people movement is more about effort and avoidance than joy and freedom. They would rather ride than walk, be a spectator than a player. Is this avoidance really from laziness, or could it be due to...

eLearning in Osaka: Calligraphy, Aikido, and Nanba

I just returned from a full day of filming for a new Wii program for eLearning at Otemae University in Osaka. Up at 4:30, on the train to Osaka by 6:00, storyboarding on the bullet train, high-definition video recording in demonstrations of Calligraphy, Aikido, and Nanba (physical finesse) throughout the day, and back in Tokyo by midnight. The program will feature a multimedia introduction and demonstrations of cool elements of Japanese culture under the theme of WA (和, Harmony). It will be an interactive blend of flash, video, audio, and text, mostly in Japanese, but with some points...

Nanba Run at the Creative Edge

Regularly I meet with the members of the Shunsokai (Quantum Leap), and we study various aspects of the Entrepreneurs Creative Edge. One thing which any entrepreneur needs to succeed is Energy, and no amount of motivation will help you if you don’t have a strong physical energy base to work from. Nanba running is a superb way to develop physical finesse, energy and stamina, as well as confidence that you can go the extra mile over and over again. Although we started the Shusokai group with student members from my Alma Mater (1972~73), Waseda University, it is open to participation by...

Nanba Run for Physical Finesse

Nanba is the Art of Physical Finesse. I define it as the physical art of being creative in crisis. There are many ways to practice Nanba, and one of the best is through running, because it is challenging enough to put your body in a mild state of crisis, without putting you in any danger. What are the benefits of Nanba Running? Balance and tone your body with natural running Extra energy from improved use of your body Free yourself from stress and mental blocks Anti-aging effect through better posture and rhythm Where can you learn and practice Nanba Running? If you live in Tokyo,...
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